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About was founded on a simple, powerful idea: mobile technology changes how we run events, meetings or product presentation, and how we engage with each other. We want to reinvent what businesses and individuals can do with mobile technology through the platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of interactions.



Zwoor Events

Zwoor Events – If you are a Conference or Tradeshow organizer, your Event Materials Go Mobile in just a few clicks.  Your attendees carry an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone, and they now expect the agenda, the meeting materials, maps, exhibitors and alerts right at their fingertips.
Our native Zwoor Event apps do not require connectivity all the time, and we know that some of the conference or trade show venues are not built with connectivity in mind. We allow participants to store the data on the mobile device, and synch when connected.

Zwoor Survey

Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables you to gather real insight into your event participants. Be that in a large,10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, or in a small presentation, we can handle both.

Zwoor Survey is a native application (vs. a web app), that allows timed surveys, answers to a challenge quiz for a prize, or just a simple multiple choice survey. We are not dependent on the connectivity in the venue – we know that some of the spots are without cellular or wifi coverage.


Idea Challenge

Idea Challenge platform helps you create and run Innovation Challenges, and focus your participants on solving the wicked problems your organization encounters.

The result is an engaged audience before, during and after the event.

By incorporating powerful algorithms, tagging, recognition and engagement, we allow all participants to enter the challenge, follow others, submit and rank ideas.

The Innovation Challenge provides a new paradigm for connecting your Event  for innovation and insight discovery. Using the power of social media technology and the power of individual innovation, our platform  allows you to tap into the collective intelligence of an organization and transform it into actionable, focused innovation.  Truly 1+1+1 equals 10.