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Create a Mobile Q&A Session Right now for your Event. Because it’s not the fastest to the mike, but the best to the mike.

To create a Q&A for your Session, please provide:

  1. your email address – we will send you instructions on how to modify the Q&A session later on (Add moderators, Change the Session title or Change the date)
  2. Session name for the Questions and Answers
  3. Session date of the Q&A session. Also, sign up for our newsletter on using mobile apps for creating brilliant meetings and events.

What next? Enter Q&A Code on

  1. Once you enter the Name of the session, and the date when the Q&A will happen, we will provide you with the Session Code, and a QR Code. Right here, right now. 
  2. Your event participants can either scan the QR code, or point their mobile to, and then enter the Q&A session code when prompted. There they can enter their questions, or vote on existing questions.
  3. The best questions will quickly raise to the top, so you can answer them first. With Zwoor Mobile Q&A, “It’s not the fastest to the mike, but the smartest to the mike“.
  4. We will send you other info via email, so you can further modify the Q&A Session. makes it easy to create a very interactive Q&A session. Just publish the Q&A code, or display the QR code for the Q&A session to your participants, and you’re set. Your audience will type the questions, and vote on the best questions. Your speaker  will be able to display all questions, starting with the most popular ones.

How the Q&A session looks like on a mobile device? 

The audience enters the Q&A Session code (in this case AUD100) on their mobile device – be that an iPhone, Ipad, Android phone or tablet, Windows Mobile phone or tablet, or Blackberry. An alternative to that is a QR code that can be scanned via a QR reader from the mobile device.

The Participants see the questions already in the queue. They can vote a question up (or unvote, if they’ve changed their mind), or enter their own question. Once a questions is entered by a participant, the other attendees can see the question.

If you have a moderator setup for the queue (simply “check” moderator when you create the Q&A session), then a moderator needs to approve the questions before they become visible to the other participants.


The speaker has a special view, once they enter their own code (in this case is SPK100). They can mark the questions answered, or hide a question.
This is the speaker view, from where they mark questions as answered, of can hide a question.

Interactive Q&A Sessions – How it works?

  1. First, create a title for your Q&A session, and indicate if this is a moderated session or not. A moderated Q&A session has a moderator that approves all questions before they are visible to other participants. We will create automatically an AUDIENCE code, and a SPEAKER code. We will also create a QR code for you.
  2. The audience will enter the AUDIENCE code on their mobile device, at, and then start entering their questions. The audience can vote on the better questions – the best questions will rise to the top.
  3. A moderator will enter the MODERATOR code at, and approve the questions in the queue. This is if you choose to have a moderated Q&A session.
  4. The speaker will enter the SPEAKER code at, and be able to see all questions, starting with the most voted ones, and start answering them.

Create a Q&A Session


Audience enters questions, and votes on the questions.


Speaker view of questions – can be projected