Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions – Zwoor Event


1. I’ve updated the CMS with new info. When will the info be available on the mobile app ?

The content info is available right away. Just hit the “synch” button and you will see the new content on the mobile app.

There is one exception: For Zwoor Event, the ALERTS Category, please give it three minutes or less for the alerts to show up on the mobile app.

2. How do participants gain access – do you provide standard instructions for us to pass along?

Yes, plese see http://www.zwoor.com/mobileapp for a generic page.  For a customized page for an event, check http://www.zwoor.com/mit2012.

If you’d like us to provide a custom page with instructions, we will create one on our page, drop us a line and will make it happen in a day.

If you want to add the instructions on your website, feel free to copy the generic page and customize for your event. You can still point to our QR code links and images, we have no issue with that.

3. Do I need to pay more for various features? (e.g Personal calendar, Sponsors Section, Exhibitor Section)

Our apps are fully featured. You get for the payment plan for the smallest conference the same as for the ultra-large conference…all apps are equal, and include our rich set of features:

– personalized calendar for the participants

– integration with Twitter/ LinkedIn and facebook

– exhibitor section

– sponsors section

– unlimited “custom” sections, added at your discretion

– event photo shared album via candid photos taken by attendee

– conference “tracks”

etc. etc. etc.

4. How to add a “Sponsors”, “Exhibitors” or “Award Finalists” section?

To add a new category (Sponsors, Exhibitors, Award Finalists), use the “Add Category” – this allows for quite some flexibility into the sections of your event.

adding category on conference app

These categories will appear on the mobile app under the “Other” section – press that icon and you will see your new category, once you sync the content. A Category is a list of entities like Sponsors, Exhibitors, finalists for the evening Award, or event a secondary track for your event – like “Student Event Track” – for a particular segment of attendees.

Once you press the “Add Category” you will be able to select the properties you’ll want your new category to have:

1. Allows Info request – do you want your object in the list to have a “Request Literature” button associated with the item? This is very handy for the Sponsors, or Exhibitors.

2. Allows visiting – for a list of Booth Exhibitors, selecting this will allow attendees to tell the booth owner that they plan to visit – is about establishing contact with one click, from the mobile app. From there, the Booth owner can connect back and build contact.

3. Allows attendance is typically for sessions or demo lists – you will tell the speaker that you plan to attend. They can plan capacity around that.

5. Do the Event attendee pay for the mobile app, or is it free?

All our mobile apps are free for your attendees. 

You can find our apps in the Google Play or iTunes, just search for Zwoor.

6. Can I add other Event Editors to my event?

We recognize that an event content is a team sport, and you need multiple people to access the content. So, YES, you can invite more Event editors, and have all of them work on the event content. Note that an editor will have the same rights as you.

You can also invite a Speaker, A Sponsor or an Exhibitor to fill in their info – the profile, picture, materials for their presentation, links to twitter or LinkedIn. For these entities, they can ONLY edit their profile, not the entire meeting.

So, how do you invite your Editors to the event? Simple three steps. The forth one is optional …

1. Go to  Meeting editors (look at the bottom right for the meeting settings). Click on “Add Editor”.

2.  Enter the name and e-mail address for the Editor.

3. An automatic email will be generated from the system. There are instructions to the meeting editor on how to login, and links to a One pager to get them started.

4. Enjoy seeing the content being created by all Editors.

7. Can a speaker create their profile, or upload materials for their topic? How about an exhibitor?

Yes. We recognize that speakers are the best to create their own profile – picture, short bio, long bio, upload materials, provide other links. The same is true for Exhibitors or Sponsors.

You simply invite them by entering the name and e-mail address, from the topic panel.

The speakers will receive an e-mail from the platform, with instructions on how to login. A speaker will be able to edit ONLY their topic.

8. Can an event be made public? I don’t want my attendees to remember a complex code to enter in the app, but just select it from the list of public events.

Yes, you can make your Event public by selecting “Enabled” . If this is checked, your meeting will appear in the mobile applications under the “Upcoming Events” section.

9. We like the demo app. How and when do you need the payment?

You can download the app content 10 times for free. Show it to your board, your marketing team, your customer or sponsors. Once the 10 downloads occur, and you still like the app, you can pay via any credit card, or paypal.

Click on “Subscribe now” plan, and you can select the payment plan that fits your event. Just keep in mind that some participants will want to download on both an iPhone and an iPad. We see anywhere between 40% and 70%  of the participants downloading…more and more expect a mobile app to be part of the conference.

10. Can an event be completely private? Like… a Board Meeting.

Yes.  There are several levels of security for the Conference app.

Normally, a user that has the meeting download code will be able to download the content for the meeting. If the Event is specified as “public”, the Event will even appear on the Zwoor Event list, in which case a user can just select it from there, vs. entering a code.

For a corporate event, we suggest using “Domain validation” . Only users that have a valid e-mail address from that domain will be able to see the app content.

For highly restricted data, you can specify individual users that will be able to download the app.

11. Can I delete an Event via the back-end? I created one by mistake.

You cannot delete an event once you created one. You can hide it : You can rename it – so you don’t get confused about it when you see your list, make sure that is not public ( via  “public event” setting), and even give it a very difficult access code.

Given that you can have multiple editors for an event, the delete button is simply not available, however you can “hide” the meeting with the actions above. We will look at a delete procedure in the future, and an approval mechanism for the “delete”

Frequently Asked Questions – Zwoor Survey


1. What type of questions can I create on the survey mobile app?

There are five core types of questions for the surveys:

  1. Single selection (one answer from a list)
  2. Multiple selection (a user will be able to select several answers)
  3. Text (one line)
  4. Text (multiple lines)
  5. Slider (user will position the dial with the finger on the touch screen)
  6. Date

2. How quickly can I see the survey questions on the mobile device?

The survey questions are updated real time, so next time you enter the Survey Code on your mobile device, or the web browser, you will get the latest set of questions, and the most up to date survey info.

3. Can I see the survey on a web browser as well, the way I can see on the mobile survey app?

Yes, you can see the survey on a web browser, and even a mobile browser.

To run a survey on a web browser, enter the survey code at this link https://clients.zwoor.com/online

4. What does the QR code do?

Reading the QR code associated with the suvey from a mobile app will launch the survey on the web browser of that device. Simply point your QR reader to the code, and the survey will start.  No codes to remember, no URLs to enter.

The QR code can be displayed from the backend, or download to use on your materials.

5. What type of devices is the Survey app available for?

The Survey app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire devices. For the BBerry we suggest you use the web version via the QR code or URL, which is optimized for the small screen.

6. How many devices can I push the mobile survey to?

Unlimited number. You can have a stadium audience using the app or the web version. The app is extremely light on the data transfer.

7. What does off-line survey mean?

The survey app will run on the mobile device without connectivity. Once you define the survey as “offline” via the CMS,  and load it on the mobile device, you don’t need connectivity to run it. When you are back with a connection, simply press “Sync” and all the data will now be avialble for reporting in the central platform in the backend.

8. What type of reporting do you have?

We provide basic reporting via the CMS. However, we know that we will never meet all the needs of reporting out there, so we provide a one click download to XLS. From there, you can format the data.

9. My data is sensitive. Are the surveys encrypted?

Yes, the back end is encrypted with the strongest SSL certificate available, the connection is encrypted, and the majority of the mobile devices are encrypted as well – all iPhones, iPads, and majority of Android devices.

10. Can I pick my own code for the mobile app survey? Like Flower01.

Yes, just edit the survey code and you can create your own.

11. Can I upload pictures for the surveys?

Yes, you can upload pictures for all the questions on a tablet survey. For an iPhone / Android Phone  survey, only the Intro Survey can have a picture – not enough real estate on an small form factor.