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Easy steps to create your Mobile Survey in minutes more
Create your Event Mobile App
Easy steps to create your Event Mobile App in minutes more

This document outlines the steps involved in creating a new meeting using
Creating a meeting that will look just like the one below is an easy task. Instructions on how to create your own meeting are provided in this document.
Interested in editing just a meeting topic? Check the Topic Editor CBA.

Creating Brilliant Events with Zwoor-com – pdf file


A well created Meeting Header set will maximize engagement

Please see below a short guide to create a best in class agenda item for mobile devices:
– attach a speaker photo and good description
– share your twitter, linkedIn or Facebook fan page
– attach relevant links for further info
– attach a short presentation deck (remember, PDF format is the best way to see documents on mobile devices)
Are you the entire meeting editor? Check the meeting editor one pager.

A well created agenda set will maximize engagement