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How many mobile phone (smartphone) do you have?

I have been using the current mobile phone for:

What is the brand of your mobile device? (primary device)

what is the market (apps store) do you use for downloading an applications? (primary device)

What is the most you have spent to buy a single application?

What do you think is the most challenging in the mobile application process?

What types of applications do you download (buy/use) most ? (you can chose more than one )

Do you prefer to go to individual news sites using your smartphone Web browser or use a news-specific app?

What is the Percentage of the applications on your smart phone which are free ? (estimate)

How many applications do you have on your mobile phone?

which of the following methods have you found to be the most effective in publicizing the apps/products? (you can chose more than one)

which of the following way of marketing have the most effective to persuade you to (buy/download ) the (app/product) ?