United Way Student Volunteers


The following questions concern a new initiative by the United Way to gaing more volunteers.

Are you a college student?

Do you currently do volunteer work?

Have you ever done volunteer work?

Do you have any plans to do volunteer work while at school?

Are you or have you every been a member of the Geek System?

If so, did you do any volunteer work with them?

Would you prefer to do volunteer work with a group, or as an individual?

Have you heard of the United Way?

Did you know that the United Way has a college initiative?

If you did volunteer work would you share it on any of the following social networks? (check all that apply)

If previous question was "other", please list name.

How Likely is it that you would go to a website dedicated to college student volunteer work?


What is your gender?

What is your age?

What grade are you in school?

Are you a full or part time student?