Understanding Market Trends and Predicting Buying Behavior


For your convenience and ease of reference, we have created a template of a Market Research Survey. You can use this template as is, or modify it to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can design your own survey from scratch and build it with our survey builder tool.

How comfortable are you buying a newly launched product?

How many times have you purchased through teleshopping?

Between Price and Quality what will you not compromise on?

What prompts you to buy a product?


Have you tried shopping grocery online?

Please specify your gender.

What things do you keep in mind before buying a product?


What are the products you will never experiment with?

In your opinion how should a newly launched product be priced as compared to a similar product of other brands?

Are you comfortable with the idea of teleshopping?

If you don't mind splurging extra money at the supermarket, what goods do prefer to splurge your money on?


What do you think about online grocery shopping?

In which category does your income fall?


Do you tend to repurchase a brand continually?

What are the kinds of products you won't mind experimenting with?


In your opinion what is it that makes a product saleable?