The use of iPads in the Religious Studies classroom


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Are you a girl or a boy?

What age/year group are you in?

What do you think your learning style is?

Has the iPad positively impacted your learning in class?

In what classes do you use the iPad most?

In general, do you use your iPad more for academic purposes or leisure?

Do you ever find your iPad distracting in class?

Do you find the iPad distracting in comparison to use of paper and textbooks?

Would you prefer using eBooks or a regular book in class?

How easy do you find the iPad to use?


Would you prefer using the iPad or a laptop in class?

How do you use your iPad most in school?

Do you prefer working in pairs, a group or alone using the iPads?

To what degree do you agree that using the iPad in lessons encourages you to participate more in lessons?

Which specific area of learning in Religious Studies do you find the iPad most useful in?


Why do you think the iPad is useful for the specific area of learning in Religious Studies you chose?

Which apps do you use most in your Religious Studies classes?

Do you ever use subject-specific Religious Studies apps? If so, describe which ones are used.

Do you enjoy using the subject-specific Religious Studies apps?

Through using the iPad in class, which of the following skills do you think are developed most?

Why did you think those thinking skills were developed most?

To what extent do you think that cross-curricular skills (aside from ICT) such as Communication and Numeracy are developed through using iPads in your