Please answer Yes or No
Please note the word "You" in the questions refers to the EVN desk at your organization or the people in charge of coordinating with EVN.

o In your organization, is content requested and offered to EVN by the same people/ desk?

o Do you usually (at least twice a week) make spontaneous offers to EVN of content you consider could be interesting?

Do you regularly post requests in the forum?

Do you spontaneously respond to requests in the forum made to your organization?

Do you specifically look for features, “soft news” stories to offer for EVN?

In case of breaking news in your territory, do you have direct access to updated information on the story’s development and your organization’s co

In case of breaking news, does your management expect you to focus on offering your cover to EVN?

Do you have direct access to footage as it first arrives to your organization?

Are you able to re-edit footage of items broadcast in your organization for EVN?

Do you have direct access to national pool coverage as it arrives in your organization?

Do you send outlooks / forward planning information to EVN on a regular basis?

o Do you write your own complete dopesheets and shotlists for the items coming from your organization?

Do you fully transcribe soundbites in your item even if they are in English?

Does your organization include EVN membership in its negotiations for access to third-party material?

Do you feel that, proportionally, your organization gives more useful content than it receives from its fellow EVN members?