To gather passengeres opinions on the proposed HS2


Which age group are you in?

Is your permanent resident within the Greater Manchester region?

How did you get to this station?

How far did you travel to this station?

Is this station the station you use the most?

Where are you travelling to and is that your final destination?

Reason for current travel?

Approximately how often do you travel to/through London?

Do you ever go to London by other means of transport (drive/fly)?

Are you aware of the government proposal for the northern extension of the HS2 beyond Birmingham to Manchester by 2033?

How do you feel about the proposed northern extension to the HS2?


If you were to use the HS2, where would you most like to catch the service to or from London?

Will the proposed HS2 increase the likelihood of you travelling to London?

What is most important for you travelling to/through London?

If the proposed HS2 cut journey time by an hour but meant that ticket price had to increase, would that bother you? If no, does your employer pay? If

Do you believe the proposed HS2 extension justifies the £17billion cost? If no, what should the government spend the money on?

Would you like to be contacted by me with the summary of this research? If yes, please provide an email address?