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To collect data from a number of Questions on Alcohol and Drugs

Which of the following has the most units of Alcohol?

Answer - 2 pints of Stella Artios ( 6 Units )

What is the legal age for a child to be given alcohol in the UK?

Answer - 5 years of Age (Must be by a parent or guardian over 18)

Which of the following has the closest to 1000 calories in them?

Answer - 4 Pints of Carling Export 969 Calories

What is "Tolerance" of Alcohol

Answer - The need for increasing amounts of alcohol before feeling the effects

How can you tell if your sober enough to drive?

Answer - When all alcohol has left the body - It takes the body 1 hour to process one Unit of Alcohol - E.G 8 Pints of Beer @ 2 Units a pint = 16 Unit

What is Mephedrone?

Answer - Psychoactive Drug - Mephedrone is Class B substance that was a new and imerging drug until March 2010

What is Ketamine? Pick 4

Answer - Large Animal Sedative, A Pain Killer, Human Sedative , Class C Drug

Are legal highs safe?

Answer - No. Just becasue somthing is legal it does not make it safe. New and Imerging drugs are becoming increasingly concerning for Police, Healthca

Which of the Following have you heard of?