Menphys Lighthouse Survey - Young People


Menphys and Lighthouse Learning are working with disabled young people to help them research job opportunities and the types of employability training that are available to them. Please answer the following questions to help our research.

What is your favourite thing about education?

If you have selected other, please comment on your favourite thing about Education.

How could Education be improved for Young People with Learning Disabilities?

How else could Education be improved for Young People with Disabilities?

Have you ever done any Work Experience or Volunteering?

Where did your Volunteering or Work Experience Take Place?

Did you like Volunteering or Work Experience?


What would make Work Experience or Volunteering Better for you?

What else would make Volunteering or Work Experience Better for you?

Would you be interested in...

Are there other types of training or support that would help you to access Work Experience or Volunteering?

If you would like to be involved in the project in the future, please tell us how to contact you here.