Marketing Communication and In-Flight Retail Dissertation Questionnaire


For the purposes of this research, ?In-Flight Retail? is defined as: Any sales during the flight of food and beverages, duty-free and consumer products, as well as any products bought on board or involving the airline?s website, including those sales facilitated through personal devices connected to WiFi (e.g. SkyMall), or an airline?s ?click and collect? service including pre-ordered product options and home delivery.


Age range

How often do you fly annually?

Do you usually travel with same airline?

Do you usually buy any In-Flight Retail products?

In general, do you find that airlines offer products that interested you?

On average how much do you spend on 'In-Flight Retail'?

Now, thinking of the period of time between booking your flight and actually flying...

How familiar are you with the products available on your upcoming flight?


Have you looked at any In-Flight shopping magazines or visited any In-Flight shopping portals prior to departure?

If yes, please specify how you obtained the information/magazine?

Have you received any promotional offers via mail, email or app regarding products available to purchase on board/pre-order or have delivered to your

Do you think there is a good enough range of products for you to consider making a purchase?

Concerning offers that you might be interested in.

Are you a member of any loyalty programs (e.g. Supermarket loyalty cards or Airmiles)?

If yes, please specify which

If yes, which promotion offers do you make use of? Please tick all relevant options.

If other, please specify

Would you be interested in participating in a program of targeted advertising for In-flight Retail? The aims of such a program would be to increase yo

Any additional information you think may be relevant: