Introductory Survey - Janssen Diagnostics One Team Event


Please complete this survey on day one of the meeting, you will be prompted during the agenda to provide your responses.

What year did you first join Johnson & Johnson?

How many languages do you speak?

Please specify languages:

What countries have you lived or worked in?

How many Pharmaceutical companies have you worked for?

How many Johnson & Johnson companies have you worked for?

How many "distinct" departments have you worked for?

How many career changes have you experienced?

Which of the three departments gathered here today have you worked in?

What is the highest level of education that you've achieved?

In what field was your undergraduate degree in?

Please specify the field of education:

What do you do to enjoy your time outside of work?

Can you be more specific about your outside of work activities?

Were you at last years first Janssen Diagnostics One Team Summit?