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The OB module was functional: there weren't any issues turning the iPads on/off, the application worked properly, and it was clear that users were cap

There was correct operation of the module by its users (users understood how to use the program).

If not, what can we add to the quickguide, or other instructional materials to make the application more user friendly?

1. What other challenges did you or others face while using the program?

The program required a certain level of medical knowledge to understand.

What level of medical knowledge would you estimate is required to use this program?

Was there anything in the software you were surprised to see? Anything you were surprised to not see?

How would this program be best used in conjunction with initial training to assist with retention of details and imaging sequences.

What added features (displays, narrative, scans, labels, anatomy) would make this a useful tool for (1) Education, (2) Teaching, and (3) Diagnosis?

What other suggestions do you have that may help improve the use and implementation of this software?