IPakis Surveys


FOR NIGERIANS ONLY. Hi! The purpose of this survey is to measure the behavioural response of consumers to different advert mediums and ascertain the relevance and impact of using the different advert mediums for different kinds of adverts and publicity. Please respond to the following questions as best as you can. It should take only 10 minutes to complete. Thank you.

Please provide your name

Please specify your gender

Select the items you own as applicable

Please specify your residential location

Please specify your age group

Please specify your monthly income range

Please specify your work/school/business location

How do you prefer to receive adverts?

What kind of advert do you like?

How well do you remember these Ads?

How do you respond to adverts you like?

What mostly influences your decision to patronize product/serviceof a brand?

Name three adverts you like

Name three adverts you dislike

Please provide your phone number?

Please select as applicable to your vision and hearing

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