Human Sexuality Survey-test


Please take this absolutely 100% anonymous survey on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You may skip any question, and your answers will not be stored on your device.

What was your biological sex at birth?

How do you describe your current gender identity?

What is your partnership status?

How do you describe your sexual orientation?

How comfortable do you feel talking about sex?

Have you ever had sexual intercourse?

Approximately how often do you have sex with another person?

Have you ever engaged in oral sex, giving or receiving?

Have you ever engaged in anal sex, giving or receiving?

Choose any option(s) below that you have used as part of your sex life

Drag the slider to indicate how important a role you believe sex plays in a person's health and life


How easy do you find it to discuss sex and your sexual needs/desires with your partner(s)?

Approximately how often do you masturbate?

Have you ever had intimate or sexual contact with a same-sex partner?

Have you ever had fantasies about sexual contact with someone of the same sex?

Drag the slider to indicate your degree of satisfaction with your current sex life


Have you ever combined alcohol and/or illegal drugs with sexual activity?

Have you ever consented to sex and then regretted it later?

Have you ever had an unwanted sexual experience?

If you answered positively to the last question, did you tell anyone about your unwanted sexual experience?

As a child, before the age of 14, were you ever the victim of an adult's sexual advances?

Have you ever had problems maintaining lubrication or erection when you were engaging in consensual activities?

Have you ever had problems having an orgasm?

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Have you ever wished there was someplace confidential and knowledgeable you could go to discuss your feelings about sexuality?

Has a physician or other health care provider ever asked you about your sexuality or sexual practices?

Drag the slider to describe how you anticipate you will feel when talking with your patients about their sexuality and sexual practices


When talking with patients, which of the following do you anticipate feeling comfortable discussing? (Choose all that apply)

Did you lie while answering any questions in this survey?