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Education Background?

distance traveled every day

type of vehicle

category of customer

source of finance

Financing company

who are all people involved in decision making

Do they know interest rate

what are the various factors they look before taking vehicle loan

How do they make money?

How is the payment made in case of tieups

level of fluctuation in business

How many days in a month do they get work

How much do they save approximately every month

How do they save there money

How frequently bank account acessed

How do they pay EMI

How do they source money in case of shortage

Will it be useful if the company allows them to pay anytime in a month

What kind of mobile they use

Did they ever use mobile payment solutions

Why dont they use these solutions

Will it be useful if more payment avenues like kirana stores are introduced

Did they get finance from known circles before Banks/NBFC

How repayment done in such circumstances

How far they need to travel for paying emi