The Koro Audit Form is a crucial instrument which FLMMA will use to help the communities preserving the Marine Managed Areas help regulate themselves. In order for the information which we can gain from this instrument to make any sense, we must have the Audit Form applied in the same way in every place each time. Consequently it is imperative that we ensure that all of the enumerators use the same methodology in collecting data. As the responsible enumerator, please ensure that both you and the corresponding respondent to this form follows these directions exactly.
Generalized Instructions:

A. Each Koro that participates in marine management in cooperation with FLMMA should fill out this form. In light of new and larger Sites within the FLMMA network, we are looking to make sure that every contributing member to FLMMA has their voices heard. Conditions are different in different parts of an iqoliqoli, so it is important that we have everyone?s input. Get as many of the Koros in a Site as possible; obviously, this might be difficult (e.g. In the case of Macuata Cokovata, try to get as many responses from the communities as possible. DO NOT get just one ?representative? answer for the whole site ? smaller Koros? voices will be silenced).

B. Each survey must be ENTIRELY completed. No question should be left un-answered.

C. If a respondent has a question about any of the questions posed, please help them answer it. Explain what the question means as defined below.

D. Ensure that all forms are collated and returned to the FLMMA Secretariat at the earliest possible convenience.

E. Please rest assured that the raw information put down on this form will not be shared with any other community or group; rather, the combined result of ALL forms will be shared with the various communities at large. Therefore do not hesitate to write down what you feel you could write down in private.




Phone number of interviewee:

Position of interviewee (e.g. Village Chief):

Name of Tabu/iQoliQoli:


Tabu exists

Any opening of tabu since last year?

If yes, how long was the opening?


If yes, what type of species was caught?

Are there any Management Plan in village that comply to the opening of the tabu? (If yes, please state)

Any shift of tabu?

If yes, pls state the reason for the shift.

Restocking and rehabilitation?

If you restock OTHERS, which ones?

Committee in place?

If yes, frequency of meetings?


Is the committee transparent and accountable in its work to

Does a management plan exist?

Has the plan been reviewed in the past 12 months?

Did this monitoring take place last year?

Does the initiative bring about more conflict?

Is poaching in the tabu happening by

Is there cooperation from the enforcement agencies?

Is the yaubula management known to the provincial office and the community?

Do you know your FLMMA site liaison person?

Frequency of communication to your site?


How has the abundance of fish changed over the last year?

How has the size of fish changed over the last year?

How has the abundance of invertebrates changed over the last year?

How has the size of invertebrates changed over the last year?

Any rare, uncommon or endemic marine species identified? If yes, which ones?:

How has the fishing trip duration changed?

How has the status of income changed since the initiation of management?

How has the amount of seafood that you eat from your fishing areas changed for your community?

How has community supported the concept of a healthy and clean village?