Empire Open MRI Patient Survey


Please find a couple of minutes to evaluate your experience in Empire Open MRI. Your feedback is higly important for us.

Was this your first time as a patient at Empire Open MRI?

How did you select Empire Open MRI?

What is the specialty of the doctor who reffered you to Empire Open MRI?

Who assisted you at Empire Open MRI during the process of making your appointment?

Were you treated in a professional and courtesy manner during your appointment process?

Witch technician performed your exam?

Were you treated in professional and kind manner by the technician during your exam ?

Please rate the following statements concerning Empire Open MRI: Tests and procedures were completely explained to me

Would you use Empire Open MRI again in the future?

Would you tell your friends to have the their exam done here ?

What is your overall satisfaction with Empire Open MRI and the medical care you received?

If you were dissatisfied with the servise. Explain why?

Do you have any reccomendations on how to server you better?