Drunk Driving


Please take and respond on Threaded Discussion 3

I have never drove drunk

I have drove drunk

I have never been caught driving drunk

I would drive home drunk again if put into the situation

I think it is safe to drive after having____ amounts of drinks

What would you classify as a reasonable reason(s) to drive drunk

What do you think would be a reasonable punishment for getting caught drinking and driving?

Should the alcohol limit be higher or lower than .08

all cars should come with a breahalizer to start the car?

Do you think the number of juveniles drinking and driving has risen in the past year?

I think that the drinking age should be 18


I would call a cab if too intoxicated to drive

If I only had 3 budlights, and one shot of fireball whiskey, and felt

I have blacked out and not remembering driving home

I would rather _________, after drinking