Design Relevance


Please ask 30 students the following questions, relating to the visual aspect of designed promo material for Students' Union events and campaigns

On average, how often do you visit the Students' Union building?

Do you often take notice of posters around the University or Students' Union advertising SU events or campaigns?

[If answered 'rarely' or 'never'] Why do you feel that you are not drawn to looking at these promotional items?

[If answered 'sometimes'] How do you feel that these promotional items could be changed, so as to visually appeal to you more often?

[If answered 'very often' or 'always'] What visual aspect of these promotional items do you feel draws you in to looking at them?

Which form of visual promotion do you personally consider most effective?

Have you visited the Students' Union website in the last few months?

[If 'yes'] Do you feel like the website is visually engaging?

Off the top of your head, which is the last SU event or campaign poster or flyer that you noticed and looked at?

How would you rate the design quality and relevance of SU promotional material between 1 and 10?