Dabur Focus Group


Please select one of the options below:

I feel there are no unnecessary rules and procedures in the organisation

It is relatively easy to innovate and to get new ideas accepted

I don't feel I have to fight against unreasonable constraints

Important tasks delegated to employees

Individuals are encouraged to take initiative without always checking with a superior

I am encouraged to take calculated risks, based on my own judgment

I am allowed the opportunity to experience the success or failure of my own efforts

Mediocrity is not tolerated in the organisation

Me and / or others cannot get away with doing less than their best

Individuals receive information and feedback regarding goal accomplishment

Rewards do not outweigh punishments

Rewards are tied directly to performance quality

Good performance leads to increased opportunities for personal growth

I have a clear idea of what is expected of me

I know how I personally contribute to the organization's mission

Goals, policies, procedures, and lines of authority clearly articulated and understood

Individuals and teams cooperate effectively to get the job done?

Conflicts get resolved effectively

Feelings of trust, pride, and organizational loyalty exist in the workplace