Customer Satisfaction Survey


At our hospital, we care about pets and their people, and we want to
make sure we provide you with the best care.
Please tell us about your recent experience visiting us by
answering the following questions:

Appearance: The exterior of the practice is well-kept and inviting

Appearance: The interior of the practice is clean, organized, comfortable, and odor-free

Appearance: The appearance of our healthcare team is professional

Client care: The greeting my pet and I received was friendly and courteous

Client care: my wait time in the lobby was reasonable

Client care: my wait time in the exam room was reasonable

Client care: the checkout process was convenient and timely

Patient care: veterinarian's exam of my pet was thorough

Patient care: veterinarian explained my pet's condition and recommendations in a clear and understandable way

Patient care: the healthcare team answered all my questions

Overall rating: the visit met my needs and expectations

Overall rating: the service and care given to my pet was a good value

Overall rating: I would recommend this clinic to friends and family

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