Consumer Survey for Customized leather shoes


Please can you spare a few minutes of your time to take part in a Customized Footwear survey. We are interested in knowing all about you - what shoes you buy, your shoe size,how you buy and where you buy. This survey is all about you and your shoe buying habits.

Many thanks in advance for taking your time to complete this survey.





How often you wear leather shoes?

What brand of Leather shoes you usually wear?

What style of leather shoes you usually prefer most of the time?

What attributes do you think most important for a leather shoe? eg:price, color, design,etc

What type of leather shoe do you wear?

What type of leather material you prefer in leather shoe?

What kind of Outer Sole material you prefer?

What type of Insole material you prefer?

What shoe size are you?

if your wear over size, do you find hard to find leather shoes?

Do you have any physical disability or medical problem in your foot?

Do you find hard to find leather shoe if any physical or medical problem in your foot?

How often you buy new pair of leather shoes?

What is the most you spend on a pair of leather shoes?

Where do buy your leather shoes from?

If you do not buy buy from the internet, please give reason?

Do you prefer customized leather shoes? YES / No with reason

What attribute you looking from customized leather shoe?

How much you would pay for customized leather shoes?

Are you satisfied with the current delivery time of the online shoe stores?

How much average time online shoe stores take to deliver shoes?