Attending a CG


I?m doing a study on why families do or don?t participate in Bible studies when they have kids. Would you please take a moment to share your thoughts.

How many children are in your family?

Check the age range of your child(ren) (as many as apply)

Is your Bible study location close to your home?

How long have you attended Bible Studies at [church name] (any of them)?

On what day of the week does your Bible study meet?

Choose the closest time of day to your meeting time

What typically happens at your meeting?

Are there other children at the study that are your child's age?

What kind of childcare (if any) does your meeting have?

What are your top two reasons for attending a Bible study? (check only those that apply, I tried to represent many different viewpoints)

What are your top two things you don't like about attending a Bible study?

If your meeting was cancelled at the last minute would you feel disappointed or relieved?

If your meeting was cancelled at the last minute would YOUR CHILD feel disappointed or relieved?

What is one thing about the Bible study that you would KEEP the SAME?

Is there anything else you want to say or clarify?