A Guide to Quality Improvement


For your convenience and ease of reference, we have created a template of Customer Satisfaction With Products and Services Survey. You can use this template as such or modify it to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can design your own survey from scratch.

How will you rate our efficiency in responding to your queries?

If you have visited our store, were you treated courteously on your arrival at the store?

Any other experience you would like to share.

What do you feel about the price of our product(s) and service(s)?

In your opinion which aspects of our customer service need improvement?

How would you rate the quality of our product(s)?

How would you rate the quality of our services?

Please give your valuable suggestions regarding how we could improve the quality of our product(s) and service(s)

Have you purchased any of our product(s) from the company store?

Any other

What are the chances of your ordering more products from us or using our services in future?

Did you face any problem using our product(s) and service(s)?

Which aspect(s) of our work do you find good?

What suggestions would you like to give that will be useful in upgrading the quality of our products?

How did you come to know about our store?

Which product(s) did you purchase from our company?

How will you rate us in being able to understand your business requirements and providing you with compatible solutions?

If you are satisfied with our product(s) and service(s), would you like to recommend it to others?

Have you been able to accomplish your goals with the aid of our product(s) and service(s)?