&Co. Expectations - Self Assessment survey on behaviors


Please choose one of the options - Capable, Growth Opportunity, Significant Gap, Untested

Uses data and intuition to make timely decisions based on consumer needs and trends

Leads as a global citizen. Constantly builds knowledge about the global competitive landscape, industry and trends

Competes externally and uses external benchmarks to measure progress

Leverages knowledge and best practices for functioning in culturally diverse markets

Brand builder at LS&Co. Creates buzz in marketplace, drives innovation and stays ahead of trend

Critically analyzes and acts on business decisions based on sounds financial metrics

Identifies and teaches others where the value drivers are in the business

Drives for simplification and reduces complexity

Understands the downstream impact of his/her decisions

Uses data and metrics to inform decisions and track progress

Realistic and results oriented

Establishes priorities and stays the course

Fully accountable for results, even in ambiguous and less-than-optimal situations

Makes timely decisions; Willing to make the tough call

Places LS&Co.’s success over individual or group success

Demonstrates infectious curiosity and willingness to learn about the entire Company, beyond his/her formal role

Engages in healthy debate. Disagrees > agrees > commits to solutions

Works as an aligned team. Speaks to the organization with one voice

Promises made, promises kept. Trust others to do their job

Builds consensus and shared accountability across the matrix

Actively holds peers accountable for achieving mutual goals

Drives integrated solutions across the Company

Creates a sense of urgency and ownership

Courage and persistence to unlock barriers to success

Takes calculated risks and learns from mistakes

Uses the LS&Co. values as a means to drive solutions

Builds organizational capabilities to sustain the transformation

Sets challenging but achievable expectations and celebrates successes along the way

Establishes and communicates a compelling and inspirational vision for his/her organization

Honors the heritage of Levi Strauss, but looks to the future

A strong role model. Leads by example

Creates environment of continuous learning. Constantly shares learnings and insights

Welcomes diverse styles and thinking. Seeks out alternative points of view to obtain the complete perspective

Acts as a steward for LS&Co.

Coaches others. Invests time and energy in people and teams

Aspires for greatness in self and others. Pushes, supports, acknowledges and rewards great performance

Listens and engages people's hearts and minds

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