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At the security and privacy of your meeting materials are paramount.

Security Models and Levels of Security

We have several security models  for your event, listed below on the order of security level:

Level 1: Your event is protected by the Meeting Code, that you share with your participants.  This is targeted to a public Conference or Tradeshow, where user friendliness and ease of use is important.  The Meeting Code is the equivalent of a password for the meeting materials. Best, the Meeting Code is not being broadcast from the application, so the user really needs to know the code to access, download and participate.

For public large conferences, you have the option of creating a custom app, with no access code. In that case, all your participants will be able to access the app via the iTunes Store, or via the Android MarketPlace.

Level 2: On top of the Level 1 security layer, we offer for Company specific events a validation for that company domain. A user will be able to “register” their mobile device as an acceptable end point for the event only if they are in a  specific company domain.

Level 3: For the very targeted events (e.g. Board meetings), on top of the Level 1 security, users are individually designated as mobile users for the event. Each mobile end point is individually validated before the other checks for security are performed.

 Hosting and Support

Our hosting is with the leading hosting provider in the world, recently ranked by Gartner as the leader in the Magic Quadrant for cloud infrastructure.


If you have questions, we will be happy to address them. The security of the data is paramount to us, and we have invested significant resources to ensure that your data stays secure.