Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Sporting Event – Engaging Spectators and Driving Team Loyalty

Peter likes going to the Reds games, the only thing he used to hate was the waiting for the game to start. The stadium folks tried to fill in the time with cheers and advertising, but still…after the while it wears out on you.

A nice innovation started a few weeks ago, when a Zwoor moment started to appear in the “dead time” before the game. A set of questions, preceded by a code, was projected on the large screens. RED10 was the code today, and a lot of the spectators were quick to enter that on their Smartphone.

A question with four answers appeared, and  some time was given for the smartphones to replicate their answers. You can see right on the screen how clueless people are. 40% of them had no idea who was the first professional baseball team in US…wow.

Peter knew a lot about baseball…so after 10 questions, a flash appeared on his screen – Congratulations…Peter won a very nice original Reds bat…there were only four other folks that got that.

Brad is responsible for the Customer experience for the Reds. Zwoor has been a blessing for him – he can keep his spectators engaged with all kind of catchy questions “What the final score will be”; “What will be the score half-time”, and all kind of trivia, that he can select from a very extensive database. All for a very low price, under $100.

Ok, time to post the Most Valuable Player question – here it goes…the questions start flowing in. 5643 answers, and the winner is… he turns on the display on the big screen. He still allows one more minute for voting…when two players are close, you see more people taking out their phones to participate.

Potential other uses: Concert Venue Quiz – engaging the audience;  Political Party meetings – sensing the audience

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