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Just finished dinner at your favorite restaurant? Zwoor Survey allows now for feedback to be provided on the spot.

Loved the waiter, or the wine choice? Let the restaurant owner know – enter the Zwoor Survey code, tap the screen, done!


If you’re looking for an easy to use tool to capture feedback, use the ready made templates from our 50+

library of ready-made surveys, and kick-start your polling and survey effort.For restaurant or franchise owners, Zwoor Survey provides an easy way to capture customer sentiment, and views on what works, and what can be better.

If interested, sign-up and create a survey from the existing templates, or please fill in the form in the  Zwoor Survey Mobile App page.



Watch our YouTube 40 second clip on Restaurant Survey mobile apps for iPhone, iPad or Android

or see a short presentation on SlideShare

Or see a few screenshots of the mobile app for th iPhone:

restaurant iphone mobile app survey start screen restaurant iphone mobile app survey start multiple questions










Zwoor is a handy “engagement” mobile, location aware application.

  • While in a restaurant, it allows a user to answer a quick survey, take a picture, and provide suggestions, for a coupon towards the final bill, or for a small reward.
  • It allows a user to engage with the organizers of a large venue event, such as a baseball game, or a rock concert, and answer a survey or quiz, typically for a reward.
  • It allows a user to participate in a quiz, where questions answered get prizes.
  • For large meetings, is a good way to get instant feedback on topics presented.

The power of the mobile application is in the synchronization with the Zwoor web application, that tallies and displays the answers real-time, and creates a magic bond between the user and the entity asking the questions.

And some iPad screenshots for the Restaurant Survey

restaurant ipad mobile app survey start screenrestaurant ipad mobile app survey even more question typesrestaurant ipad mobile app survey multiple choices on service