Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Linda is an infrastructure manager for a company with sales over 80MM. She likes to come to the Microsoft yearly conference to stay in touch with the Microsoft product roadmaps. Sometimes she feels that her voice is not heard in these three day events, where the Product managers for Office 14, and Windows Mobile 7, and SharePoint 2010, and BPOS are coming to wow the audience.

This year, however, was a nice surprise after each presentation. By downloading a small app, Zwoor, on her iPhone, Linda can now give her point of view easily. There are typically 10 questions that flash on the screen, preceded by a short code. For the session she just attended, is WinMob1. She enters the code on her iPhone Zwoor app, and the survey appears on her iPhone, as well as on the large conference screen.

After each question, there is a “send” button, and all the answers are tabulated on the conference screen, instantly. Linda knows that she is leading on her “intent to buy in 0-6 months” (looks like 70% are going to wait more than 6 months), and also feels she is in line with the rest of the audience on “high concern with Win 7 Mobile lacking native encryption” (82%).

There are five lucky winners in the conference hall, and they receive a little flashy screen that allows them to order a free copy of Windows 7 Premier, a $ 330 retail value. Even if she did not win, Linda feels that she was heard.

Microsoft also gets the feedback from several hundred people, instantly. There is a Product manager in Microsoft that will analyze all this data – for them, is the value of a monster Gartner consulting fee, for just a couple of hundred dollars.  This Zwoor is a nice win-win for all.

Linda is thinking it will be nice to have such a good dialog for their Year End meeting, where over 500 people attend. Most of them have smart phones, and will be able to interact better with the Company Board, and the Executives. We’ve been trying to open the dialogue during these meetings, here is an ideal tool.  Linda makes a quick note to check if Zwoor supports other mobile platforms, and what it takes to create a survey.

Later in the evening, she is surprised to find out that from the Zwoor.com website that is only very affordable to setup a survey for between 300 and 500 users. Her Board will love this!

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Some examples of surveys for a conference satisfaction survey (from Zwoor Survey mobile app for iPhone)

Conference satisfaction survey iphone mobile app survey start screenConference or tradeshow iphone mobile app survey start screen  Conference or tradeshow iphone mobile app survey agreeConference or tradeshow iphone mobile app survey glider question










And some iPad Screens, from the Survey HD mobile app

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