Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Flexible Pricing Models, for flexible needs of the Event organizer

At Zwoor.com we recognize that each event is different, so we have several pricing models to best meet your needs.

If you have sponsors lined up for your event, we will provide a ready-made package for these sponsors to be featured in the app, and the app actually will be a revenue generator. Everyone wins: attendees get a “best in market” mobile app, the sponsors get high exposure via the app, and the event organizer is ahead financially. We handle the work.

Some of you will feel perfectly comfortable with entering all the event content yourself, and with advertising turned on the mobile devices. At the other end of the spectrum, you will want to get a concierge to do all that work, contact the speakers, share the analytics of the event, and create a short video from the pictures uploaded during the event.

It’s your choice.

Here are the tiers we offer, for an event with 1,000 participants:

Free ($0) – targeted to non-profit and “on a budget” events: We recognize that some of event planners look for maximum value, and for that we have a completely free, “Do it yourself”, advertising supported model. Your staff will create and edit the event, guided by a rich gallery of written guides and “how to” videos. The user will see advertising on their mobile app – If you read the USA Today via a mobile device, you are familiar with the advertising supported apps.

Corporate ($998) – targeted to Corporate Events or Events without a sponsorship model: Our Zwoor Event “Do It Yourself” is just under $1,000 – a member of your staff will enter the data in the back-end, contact the speakers to ensure their profile is prepared well, and inform the exhibitors of the mobile app profile best approaches to maximize engagement during the event. We recommend this for Corporate Events, where the in-house staff already does a lot of that work, have information handy, and the security and privacy of the data loaded is very important.

Sponsored based (+revenue opportunity for Event organizer, cost $2,000) – targeted to sponsored events. This model adds to the Value Model a sponsorship model, where instead of the iAd or AdMob network adds, the users will see the sponsorship advertising of select Event partners, determined by you. We will create the ads via our graphics department, or get the ads from your sponsor, and ensure there is a minimum number of impressions for them. For the Conference organizer, this creates a revenue model that pays for the app – the sponsor pays to sponsor the Mobile App, and in return get a very high level of exposure to the participants. For three mobile app sponsors graphics included the price is 2,000. If you feel that you can charge 1,000 per sponsorship for the mobile app, you will actually provide a wonderful capability to the users, have three happy sponsors, and come ahead financially.

Concierge based (add $20 per session) – targeted to event planners that feel comfortable with outsourcing the content entry, speaker profile coordination and exhibitors. Our concierge will create the content based on your website or conference brochure, contact speakers and exhibitors and work with them to create a very good profile.

The concierge will also do the following

  • Provide Analytics at end of the event – number of downloads, rating for the sessions, number of tweets sent from the app, number of exhibitors contacted etc.
  • Create the Twitter hashtag for your meeting, in sync with your social media strategy for the event.
  • Create high level agenda items, based on the info you already have provided on your event website
  • Contact the agenda item speakers to prompt the agenda materials upload (speaker bio, speaker picture, meeting materials).
  • Answer questions from you and speakers on the mobile app, or the web application platform.
  • Proactively share the status of the mobile app (how many agenda items are ready, speakers engaged) – on a weekly basis starting 6 weeks before the event
  • Provide a one to three minute creative video, compiled from the event pictures taken during the event with the mobile app

What’s included in our plan

First of all, we offer our mobile applications full featured, even for the free plan. This makes us quite different than our competitors, who charge for “My Calendar”, “Exhibitors” or “Social media integration”.

The Mobile apps have the following functionality

  1. Our Mobile applications work natively on iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones, and also on Kindle Fires. No internet connectivity required – apps are native, not web browsers. Conference venues are not known for good wifi or carrier coverage.
  2. The usual features for a mobile app: Meeting Agenda, Speaker Profile, Meeting materials.
  3.  “Alerts” that allow an event organizer to “push” announcements via the app.
  4. Personalized calendar for all participants – “My Calendar”
  5. Rating and comments for all sessions are built in the agenda
  6. Exhibitors and Sponsor categories, with detailed entries for each partner, including social media integration.
  7. Social media integration from within the app (so a participant can tweet, connect in LinkedIn, like in facebook etc.)
  8. Able to create a demo for your event, for free, in 48 hours. Would worry about big developer teams and weeks turn-around.
  9. A participant can “show interest” for an Exhibitor. The Exhibitor is notified immediately of the interest.
  10. A participant can ask “send literature” to an Exhibitor. The Exhibitor is notified immediately of the interest.

When will you have it ready?

If you contact us a week before the event, we will have the app ready for the Event. It might not have the same level of perfection as an event that started to be prepared several weeks before.

We guarantee the first version of the event, fully functional on the mobile devices, less than 72 hours after you contact us.

We stand behind our work.

We stand behind our work. Not happy with what we’ve done – just ask for your money back, and tell us what to do better next time. We will return your payment in within 48 hours.


If interested, please contact us at busdev@zwoor.com.

We would love to provide the mobile app for your event.


Your Zwoor.com Team – Mobile Apps for Brilliant Events