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We are planning a company event on [MONTH] and would like to hear your suggestions in this regard.

We are planning the event for [MONTH]. Which date would you like us to consider?

You are more likely to attend if this event occurs…

Would you prefer this event to be…

Should you have a specific location in mind, please enter it.

If you can invite guests how many are you likely to bring?

Who will your guests be? Please check all that apply.

Other, please specify:

What kind of entertainment would you like at this event? Please check all that apply.

Other, please specify:

Do you have a specific talent that we should know about?

What type of music do you like? Check all that apply:

Other, please specify:

If everyone were to get a gift from the company, what would you prefer?

Other, please specify:

To help us know what kind of prizes/gifts best suit you, please tell us your favorite hobbies (outside of work).

What type of food would you recommend serving?

Other, please specify:

Can you suggest any fun games that would help us get better acquainted? (And the good news is you’ll get a prize if we use your game.)