To add a new category (Sponsors, Exhibitors, Award Finalists), use the “Add Category” – this allows for quite some flexibility into the sections of your event.

adding category on conference app

These categories will appear on the mobile app under the “Other” section – press that icon and you will see your new category, once you sync the content. A Category is a list of entities like Sponsors, Exhibitors, finalists for the evening Award, or event a secondary track for your event – like “Student Event Track” – for a particular segment of attendees.

Once you press the “Add Category” you will be able to select the properties you’ll want your new category to have:

1. Allows Info request – do you want your object in the list to have a “Request Literature” button associated with the item? This is very handy for the Sponsors, or Exhibitors.

2. Allows visiting – for a list of Booth Exhibitors, selecting this will allow attendees to tell the booth owner that they plan to visit – is about establishing contact with one click, from the mobile app. From there, the Booth owner can connect back and build contact.

3. Allows attendance is typically for sessions or demo lists – you will tell the speaker that you plan to attend. They can plan capacity around that.

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