We recognize that an event content is a team sport, and you need multiple people to access the content. So, YES, you can invite more Event editors, and have all of them work on the event content. Note that an editor will have the same rights as you.

You can also invite a Speaker, A Sponsor or an Exhibitor to fill in their info – the profile, picture, materials for their presentation, links to twitter or LinkedIn. For these entities, they can ONLY edit their profile, not the entire meeting.

So, how do you invite your Editors to the event? Simple three steps. The forth one is optional …

1. Go to  Meeting editors (look at the bottom right for the meeting settings). Click on “Add Editor”.

2.  Enter the name and e-mail address for the Editor.

3. An automatic email will be generated from the system. There are instructions to the meeting editor on how to login, and links to a One pager to get them started.

4. Enjoy seeing the content being created by all Editors.

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