After working with hundreds of event planners that used our mobile app, here is our take-away of how best to engage your audience with mobile surveys.  What counts and what doesn’t, and what to look for when selecting a mobile survey for your event, conference or corporate meeting.

Why Mobile Surveys?

engage-audience-mobile-survey-iphoneA survey via mobile devices starts with a well designed user experience, an easy to use backend for the Event planning team for creating and distributing the survey, a rich set of survey templates, and an experienced event app provider and, importantly, clear pricing.

A lot of time is invested into selling Event planners on features that are often minor. At the end of the day, you’ll want your event app company to be able to answer the following questions to your satisfaction:

  1. User friendly: Will attendees know how to start the survey on their mobile devices? Is the navigation of the survey questions clear to users?
  2. Event Planner friendly: How easy is for my event team to create and change the survey? Is there a rich set of survey templates that I can simply copy and adjust?
  3. Vendor Experience and tenure: Is your vendor a new one, or has 3-5 years of experience?
  4. Clear Pricing: Is there a clear, published pricing, or am I embarking on an “add-on surprise” pricing journey?
  5. Real time results display: Will I be able to display the results as they come in, and engage the audience immediately on their responses?

The best survey experience is multi-channel, and works across mobile and PCs (iOS, Android, PCs, Macs)

Survey apps have been the hot topic in the events industry. But, time after time, we see that usage of mobile-only solutions lags behind solutions that provide an integrated experience on any device, including the old fashion computer.  And yes, the survey needs to work on an old Blackberry as well.

A good survey takes advantage of the device it runs on – the larger real estate of the iPad, the capability of the browser on all devices, or the elegance of the iPhone smaller screen.

Integrating the Survey and the conference Mobile app

engage-audience-mobile-mobile-appThe goal of an event app is to guide through the event, and make planning easy. That includes the survey taking.

It should point people to the right connections, content and solutions. That’s the difference between a traditional digital directory or program and a modern event app. So, it should be no surprise then that the highest adoption and satisfaction come from apps that help attendees find the right things—and build an app experience around those things.

Key things to look for: Can a user create a personal calendar and agenda to help them navigate the event? Can the user tweet from the mobile app with a ready-made hashtag for your event, without typing extra characters, or remembering what the event hashtag is? Can the user easily ask questions on a Q&A session, or answer a survey for a session?

The best conference mobile app is integrating Surveys and Questions and Answers (Q&A) features

The most successful event apps act as hub for everything your attendees do at the event.

Whether they’re taking a session survey, participating in a poll or reading the slides for a session, your event app should be their platform for engagement. If there are other web sites, devices or apps that your attendees need to use, you are hurting your adoption rate—and diminishing your audience engagement. Of course, it’s likely that your event app provider won’t have all that built in to their solution. But, the best apps on the market will integrate with just about any digital solution to provide a hub for everything people need to do at your event, including social media channels.

The survey creation is easy to use by the Event Planners and Content Planners

engage-audience-mobile-user-communicationThe best mobile survey needs to make the creation of the questions easy for your team. Can you easily change the questions? Is there a rich survey template library, so you start from a proven set of questions and make small edits?

Is the survey published instantly, or do you need approvals and workflow steps before the survey can be accessed on your event attendee’s mobile devices and laptops?

We have found out that designing a survey involves a good understanding of how the users look at the survey during the event, but equally important how the event planners plan.

Some examples on making it easy for the event planning team to create and share the surveys:

  1. A rich library of surveys that you can copy and start your event survey from a proven set of questions
  2. Ability to share the survey as a URL, a QR code or via simple
  3. Ability to open the survey on a certain time window (e.g. from 11:00 to 11:30 on Tuesday), to prevent participants taking the survey in advance.
  4. Ability to share results real time with your participants in easy to understand charts.

How to create your first Survey

engage-audience-mobile-create-surveyThe Survey creation has two steps:

  1. Create the Survey Info – the title of the survey, the Instructions to your participants and the time window when the survey will be available. Note that, while we will generate a survey code for you, you can change that code to make it easier to enter for your participants. For example, if your event is called “Wine festival 2017”, your Survey code can be Wine17.
  2. Create the survey questions.

The next engage-audience-mobile-create-surveystep is to Create survey questions. Here, you will Select the Type of question (Multiple choice single selection, One line text, Slider etc.), and then enter the question and potential answers. Don’t forget to press “Create question”! That’s it.
Change the order of the questions by simply dragging and dropping the questions. For that, catch the question box from the top left marker and drag it in the right position on the survey sequence.

Start your survey from a Template

engage-audience-mobile-survey-templateYou can start a survey from our proven library of templates. The templates include a large library, way beyond meetings and events. Simply “select template” from the library and your survey will be created with the template questions. Please don’t forget to change the Survey description, the window when it will be open, and personalize the questions for your survey.

For convenience, we marked the portions of the survey that need to be personalized with square brackets, to make it easier to identify.

How to share the Survey with your participants

Once you created the survey, you want to share it your event participants.


There are three main ways to share the survey with your users:engage-audience-mobile-user-communication

  1. The Survey is part of an event which uses the Zwoor Event Mobile App. Users already downloaded the Zwoor Event Mobile app. Best way to include the Survey is via a link into the Agenda Item. Simply called it “Session Survey” and include the link. Once the survey link is on the mobile app, the users can answer the survey when so directed.
  2. Print the QR code on your materials, or display at presentation end. This comes very handy for the interactive surveys during a presentation or demo.
  3. Ask participants to type on their browser, and then enter the survey code.


How to display the results of the survey real time to your audience?

engage-audience-mobile-display-results-realtimeAs your participants complete the survey questions, you might want to publish the results real time. This can be a terrific way of engaging your audience, especially on topics that are rich on different points of view.

To share the results, the presenter needs to have access to the survey in the Zwoor back end. Note that you can share one question results at a time, and can also adjust the refresh rate (how often you update the results on the screen).

One last advice: The best mobile survey providers have clear, published pricing

Mobile app for events can be very expensive. Some start with a low price point, but the add-ons add very quickly. This results on continuous pressure for selling the add-ons. The best mobile app companies have clear, published, no-surprise pricing that you can count on. From what we know, we are the only mobile app that does not have a “range”, but a clear fixed pricing that you can count on.

We also offer a free trial for our surveys, so you pay only after you experienced your event content and mobile app features on your own mobile phone, or PC or MAC.

We hope you enjoyed our guide. If you have a questions or suggestion on how to make it better, please send us a note at

On behalf of our Zwoor Team,

Thanks for investing the time on reading this document! Looking for a quick checklist on what to look for on mobile surveys? Below a printable, simple checklist.

Checklist for selecting your Conference Mobile App

Key Questions on Selecting a Mobile Survey Provider Vendor 1 Vendor 2
1.     User friendly: Will attendees know how to use it to successfully navigate my event? Yes    
2.     Event Planner friendly: How easy is for my event team to create and change the survey questions? Yes    
3.     Vendor Experience and tenure: Is your vendor a new one, or has 3-5 years of experience? Established 2011; First mobile Event App Jan. 2012    
4.     Clear Pricing: Is there a clear, published pricing, or am I embarking on an “add-on surprise” pricing journey? Clear pricing based on the number of surveys taken. Free trial.