Create your Mobile Survey
Easy steps to create your Mobile Survey in minutes more
Create your Event Mobile App
Easy steps to create your Event Mobile App in minutes more

Are you ready to create Your Event Mobile App?

IMG_1319The steps to create a mobile app for your event should take anywhere between 10 minutes (to see the structure of your event), to 2-3 hours, for an event with several tracks, and 20-30 sessions and speakers. If you have questions during the event creation, and the question is not already answered in the FAQ section, send a note to consulting (at), and will answer your question. If you feel there is a technical problem, send a message to support (at)

To see how an event looks like on your iPad / iPhone or Android device, have a quick glace here. This is one of the more prestigious yearly IT event for CIOs. You will see the video links, website links etc. that you had questions on. Feel free to download the app on your preferred device (iPhone, iPad or Android), and test some of the events that are public.

If you already know how to create an event Mobile App on our website, and just want a quick “at a glance” reminder of key topics, here is the simple tutorial.

If you’ve never created an event on our platform before, here are the step by step instructions:

Step 1: Create A User:

Fill out the Sign-up form with your email, full name & password.

Sign up

After signing up notification will show that says you will be receiving a confirmation message from

sign up confirmation

Step 2: Once you are log-in click on “Meetings” tab.

meetings tab

Step 3: Create the Event Header

Once you are log in, you can start creating an event by entering the event’s information. (Title, Description, Organizer, Start date, Logo, Map for the Main venue, Main venue information, Important Links and Event Twitter hash tag)

The code will automatically generate but you can change it if needed.

create a meeting

After entering the necessary information, disable “Advertising” and enable “Public event”. And then click on “Create meeting”.


Step 4: Create the Agenda Item:


Click on Add new item button.

new item

There are 4 types for the agenda item: Presentation, Break, Meal and Other event.

Presentation is for the Keynotes and Sessions. After entering the Title, Time, Logo, Details/track, Materials  and Room you can add the speaker details. Afterwards just click on Save button.

agenda items

Step 5: Create Speaker Profile:


After entering the Speaker’s information click on Save button.

speaker section 1

And just click on save again for the agenda item.


Step 6 (Optional) – Adding a Category (Sponsor, Exhibitor):

Click on Add Category option.


And then indicate the category on the Title bar and save it.


It will create a tab for the category.


Click on the added category and then click on Add new item option

category 4

Just fill out the form and save it.

category info

Communicate the Meeting info to attendees (app download, URL, QR code)


After creating the event you can give the code to the attendees.


They can also download the QR Code.


They can download the mobile app from