Day 1: Why Mobile Apps for Conferences, Corporate Events and Tradeshows

the event at your fingertipMobile App BootCamp: A Week Long BootCamp for Handling Mobile Apps at Conferences, Tradeshows and Corporate Events

This is Part 1 of the Mobile Boot camp : BootCamp Day 1: Why Mobile Apps for Conferences, Corporate Events and Tradeshows.

There are a few more days in the bootcamp, but today we need to answer the “Why” question. Tomorrow we have a key topic: BootCamp Day 2: Top Features to look for on a Mobile app for your Conference

The Why question is really “Why do people come to Conferences or Tradeshows?”.

For the last several thousand years, we know that they went to trade fairs or the semi-annual market gathering to meet other producers and other consumers. To understand what sells and what does not. We all know what was important in the historical market – attention getting for the prospects to come into your tent, and then high quality tea (or stronger) to build the relationship.

So, people come to conferences and tradeshows to meet other people of similar profile, and to see what can be bought or sold in the market. And here comes to mobile app…is the best technology to help with these tasks. It helps with all the info about the event – who is that speaker, or that exhibitor. Where is room 307B. When does the keynote starts tomorrow.

The more sophisticated apps also deal with the social aspect of connecting, leveraging the usual channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are the new power tools for connectivity, and they solved already some important issues with the effectiveness of staying in touch.