Day 4: Using pictures and videos from mobile apps before, during and after your Conference

Mobile apps are becoming more and more the recognized “secret sauce” for significantly increasing the value of the events. Conferences and Tradeshow are all about connecting people to people, and people to information, and the mobile technology from is amplifying the connection power. With the latest addition on the mobile app, an attendee is able to contribute to a photo stream for the physical event, creating a collective photo album. The tagged photos, a candid view of the event, can be then morphed into an event video via the consulting offered by experienced content managers.

Photo taking was voted “the most desired feature” for the May release of the Conference and Tradeshow mobile app from, and is now included even in the most basic plan for creating a mobile app, true to the Company principle that even the entry tier has all features included.

Tomorrow we will talk about BootCamp Day 5: Sponsor Management for the Mobile app for your tradeshow or Corporate Event