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Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Day 5: Sponsor Management for the Mobile app for your tradeshow or Corporate Event

This is part 5 of our Mobile app s for Conferences, Tradeshows and Corporate Events week long BootCamp. We will tackle here how to engage your sponsors on the mobile channels, and talk about best approaches.

Tomorrow we will tackle BootCamp Day 6: Exhibitors Leads, Content and Engagement via the Tradeshow Mobile app

Let me start by saying that the relationship between sponsors and the mobile channel is fuzzy at best, and it creates a negative dynamic in the industry. We have seen the “normal” conference sponsors being ignored in the mobile app, and different sponsors being selected as the official sponsors of the mobile app. These sponsors generally foot the bill of the mobile app, and in return get a banner or two of advertising in the mobile app.  There is a significant anxiety in the industry towards that practice, from the normal sponsors. Given that the mobile app is just another channel for engagement, we understand the anxiety, and generally advise our conference organizers to not use that funding channel.

That aside, the sponsors need to be present in the mobile app as in the other channels. If the website lists them with a description, logo and contact, we recommend to keep it that way on the mobile app. What the mobile app also gives you is the social media engagement (follow the sponsor on Twitter), or request literature from the sponsor.

Invite your sponsors to create a strong profile in the app, in advance of the conference. Ask them to provide the logo, address, email and social media contact, to make it easy to connect via all channels. By providing the e-mail address, attendees will be able to request literature in one click.


Creating a strong profile for the sponsor is paramount for a good engagement with the attendees. We have seen attendees “browsing” the sponsor profiles during the downtime of the flight to the conference. With all the info is stored in the app, that gives attendees a solid time period to understand what is the profile and the value proposition from the sponsors.