Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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BootCamp Day 7: Maximizing Engagement via Speaker Content and Profiles for the Conference Mobile app


A well created Meeting Header set will maximize engagement

This is part 7 of our Mobile app s for Conferences, Tradeshows and Corporate Events week long BootCamp. We will tackle here how to work with speakers to create a very good profile, that engages the audience, and ensures a maximum interaction during and after the session.

And we are almost there. Tomorrow is the last day, and we will tackle the Event Survival Pack: Survival tips for when mobile apps and social media go wrong during your Conference and Tradeshow

There are three steps for the creating the Perfect Profile, and leveraging the mobile app before, during and after the conference:


  1. Engage speakers in advance, and send them the link to this page. It will help explain the purpose of the speaker profile faster than you can, plus you have tens of speakers to handle. Provide a clear “Best Practices” to creating a speaker profile.
  2. Include social media references in the speaker profile, making it easy to connect during the short interaction you have. A good mobile app will allow attendees to connect with one click with the speakers (follow in Twitter, link in LinkedIn).
  3. Include “teaser” links, and the meeting materials, in a pdf format, on the agenda section. In our experience, speakers that provide the topic materials are higher ranked than those that don’t, even at the expense of an attendee “reading ahead”.

Speaker profile now contains social media links

In our experience, speakers with well built profiles create a stronger following AND get higher rankings overall for the session.

 Frequently Asked Question on the Speakers Profile, and Mobile app interactions

 Is it acceptable to take pictures with the speaker, during the presentation, and share them via the mobile app?

Yes, we find that a well taken picture with the speaker on the podium, and the presentation on the background, is something that is much appreciated by the speaker. We have seen them tweeting the picture, and makes a nice memento from the conference.

 Do I just send the speaker an invite to connect via twitter and LinkedIn?

Yes, a well built mobile app will make that possible from within the app. We encourage attendees to connect, and speakers like the “spike” of comments, likes, follows that happened right during the session. We had one speaker at a conference showing the over 250 twitter follows that happened during the hour long session, and the tens of comments received.

As a speaker, should I publish the entire presentation on the mobile app?

We have seen different approaches here – speakers that share a summary before, and the entire deck after the presentation. Other prefer to have the entire presentation upfront, so attendees can forward, annotate or comments etc. the pdf file. Is a speaker preference. Hoever, the best approach is to publish the entire presentation in the mobile app, at some point. If you do it after, send  a tweet to you newly grown following, using the conference hashtag, so everyone is aware that is now available.