Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Day 6: Exhibitors Leads, Content and Engagement via the Tradeshow Mobile app

This is part 6 of our Mobile app s for Conferences, Tradeshows and Corporate Events week long BootCamp. We will tackle here how to create maximum value for the exhibitors via the mobile app.

Tomorrow we will talk , in BootCamp Day 7, about : Maximizing Engagement via Speaker Content and Profiles for the Conference Mobile app

There are three steps for an exhibitor to maximize the value of the trade show mobile app:

  1. Create a strong profile in the app, in advance of the conference. Provide the logo, address, email and social media contact, to make it easy to connect via all channels. By providing the e-mail address, attendees will be able to signal the intent to visit a booth, or will request literature in one click.
  2. Leverage the social media channels to connect with the attendees. Send tweets to the event hashtag, and provide meaningful commentary during the session. Please be watchfull of promotional statements via these channels, and focus on providing value. Links to whitepapers related to the topic are popular. One of the best booth managers that I know collected a list of very good reference materials for each and every session in the Conference, in twitted them during that session, to the hashtag of the event and speaker handle. Talking about establishing as an expert, real time.
  3. Consider leveraging the Alerts capability from the conference app – explore with the mobile app coordinator if you can send a special promotion or discount code during the event.


A well orchestrated Exhibitor profile, and engagement during the conference, will create a significant number of leads, and potential customer engagement. Look at the mobile app as one more channel to engage.