Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Video Transcript

Meet Sam. Sam is organizing Board meetings . You know them … important people, busy schedules, LOTS of printed materials.  ALL of them confidential.  With fluid schedules, and frequent changes, and oh yeah, did we mention LOTS of paper?

Kim is a Board member.  Every month she attends the Board meetings.  She gets the Board package via regular mail, scribbles some key points on page 231 of her copy of the of the tower of paper, sometimes she needs to forward her points and questions to OTHER board members, or key staff. AGAIN with more paper, so it’s off to the photocopy machine and more mailing.

But now Kim carries an iPad, and she does a LOT with it – e-mail, reading, to-do lists.

There are a LOT of Kim’s, with iPads, iPhones,  and other smart devices… and ALL want their Board Agendas, Meeting Materials, Strategic Plans, and Bios to ALL fit in that little device.

And now, Sam needs to mobile enable his Board meetings. Isn’t he busy enough?

The solution is simple! Zwoor.com.

In just a few hours, Sam’s event is in that little device, fully encrypted, secured, and accessible by the board members.

Kim is SUPER happy. She is always up to speed on all of the agenda changes and connected with others. Now she can even annotate the documents on her iPad, send it to the others via e-mail, and ask questions via the event app.  AND save a tree.

Zwoor.com. Your Board Meetings Mobile Enabled, in just a few hours. Fast, Secure, and up to date.