Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Ask questions via mobile devices. Vote up the best questions.
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Slide1We introduced the Questions and Answers capability for conferences, meetings and events mobile users at the beginning of the year. That mobile user experience was met with great enthusiasm by the event organizers, and by Zwoor Q&A users.

A simpler user experience for the Mobile Questions and Answers for your Event, Conference or Meeting

Recall that with this capability, event participants can ask questions, and their peers can vote up or vote down the questions, from their mobile devices.

More importantly, no app needs to be installed for this, so the event participants, with a simple link (q.zwoor.com) can start participating in the Q&A.

Better questions for the event speakers, voted by the event participants via their mobile devices

Also, speakers can see what are the most popular questions, and start answering these questions starting from the top. A common complaint from the event participants is that sometimes the questions being asked during the Q&A are irrelevant, or more a way to light a shine on the person asking the question.  The “democracy” of our Q&A mobile capability takes care of that – the best questions rise to the top.

Included, at no added cost, in the Zwoor Mobile App

With the latest improvement of the app, we have now included the Q&A mobile functionality into our mobile events, free of charge. What used to be a $500 cost for an event, is now included for free. One more proof that our pricing for the mobile events is very simple, and very clear – $500 for a mobile app for your conference, event or meeting.

The Q&A links are automatically included in the mobile app agenda topic now. No need for you to do anything – no URL or code to pass to your participants.

We trust you will enjoy this new capability. If you have comments, or question about how the Questions and Answers mobile functionality works, please let us know.

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