Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Ask questions via mobile devices. Vote up the best questions.
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The Questions and Answer portion of a session can take the presentation to a perfect 10 rating, or to a mediocre 5. It is the last impression before the rating sheets are completed. Unfortunately, this really importnat part of the session gets little attention, and preparation. Most focus is on finding the speaker, and on the presentation. 

As an Event planner, what you want is the following:

  1. The speaker finishes their presentation right on time, and allows 15 minutes for the Q&A part.
  2. Very good questions, that all attendees find relevant, are asked.
  3. The speaker provides great answer. Everyone rates the session a perfect 10. 

Now, what really happens? Does this sound familiar?

  1. The speaker finishes the presentation allowing maybe five minutes or so for questions.
  2. 20 hands go up with questions. The person that raised the hand first gets to ask the question. The question is an obscure one, that has little relevance to anypne else but the person who raised the hand first.
  3. The speaker is not well prepared to answer that question.
  4. Attendees start leaving the session, and hand over a mediocre rating for the session.

PageLines- questions-and-asnwers-interactive-meetings-mobile.pngHow to turn what really happens around by leveraging mobile technology?

Check our best practices for Q&A sessions, and how to leverage mobile technology to make that happen, in just two easy steps.

The Questions and Answers come really handy during the sessions for an Event or a Corporate meeting. The audience can enter their questions via the mobile devices, be that an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or a Windows mobile device.

A best practice:

  1. Create a strong description of the topic in the mobile app, and the event materials. Clearly say what the topic is about.
  2. Publish the Q&A code (QR code, link and also the Audience code) for the session. This will allow the audience to enter the questions a before the session, and start engaging with the topic. The speaker also gets a chance to see what questions are asked, and prepare for the Q&A portion.
  3. At the beginning of the session, show the audience how to enter the Q&As via the mobile device – make sure it’s easy to do that: The URL is short, you have a QR code that can be scanned and starts the Q&A session.
  4. The audience will enter their questions via the mobile devices, be that an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or a Windows mobile device.  The audience can also vote on the best questions, who will raise at the top of the list.

Zwoor.com makes it easy to create a very interactive Q&A session. Just publish the Q&A code, or display the QR code for the Q&A session to your participants, and you’re set. Your audience will type the questions, and vote on the best questions. Your speaker will be able to display all questions, starting with the most popular ones.

Moderated view of the questionsHow the Q&A session looks like on a mobile device? 

The user experience for the Q&A session is simple, and is summarized in the following image:

  1. Users will access the Q&A session either directly via entering the session code, or reading a QR code
  2. Users enter new questions, or vote the existing questions, via their mobile devices

The audience enters the Q&A Session code (in this case AUD100) on their mobile device – be that an iPhone, Ipad, Android phone or tablet, Windows Mobile phone or tablet, or Blackberry. An alternative to that is a QR code that can be scanned via a QR reader from the mobile device.

The Participants see the questions already in the queue. They can vote a question up (or unvote, if they’ve changed their mind), or enter their own question. Once a questions is entered by a participant, the other attendees can see the question.

If you have a moderator setup for the queue (simply “check” moderator when you create the Q&A session), then a moderator needs to approve the questions before they become visible to the other participants.

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