Content creation for Mobile Apps takes time. At, we do offer a couple of channels to upload content for your Event. One is the CSV, based on a predetermined template. If you already have your agenda topics and speaker data, it makes it an easy upload.
One other channel is to ask the speakers to create their own content for their topic. Simply add in the topic description who the topi editor is, and that person will get an invite, with editing rights for that topic only.

The speakers know best what the right profile or photo is, what their LinkedIn or Twitter ID is, and if they want to give out their email address or not.

How does that work?

1. Define at the topic level who will be able to edit that topic.
2. The editor of that topic will receive an email with instructions to login. They will be able to edit just the topic that they were invited to.
3. When signing in, a confirmation message will let them know that they are now an editor / administrator of the topic.


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