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Need to play a special music when the CEO comes to the podium. Or for the Award night. What is a good source for this music?   

MusicVideosThis post was triggered by a LinkedIn post. However, I got this question several times before – only because we provide mobile apps for Events, Conferences and Corporate events, we suddenly provide technical expertise for wifi setup, for PC programs (how do you attach a bar code scanner to the PC), social media (how do you create a Twitter wall for the event).

The question we get often is “we need to play some music when the CEO comes to the podium. Or for the Award night. What is a good source for this music?”

First of all, please make sure that you understand the Creative Commons attribution Even if music is listed as “free under Creative Commons”, there are still rules to follow to on attribution. It’s not complex, but spend a few minutes reading the matrix on how attribution works.

And now, on to finding the right music for your event.

One site where I would start the search is one of my favorites , Kevin MacLeod music site. The search is by category (action, bright, driving) and genre (jazz, electronic), rather than by keywords.

sample-songs incompetech-search-music-for-events-event-planner-award-ceremony

List of Free Music Sites for Event Planners:

Here is an extensive list of the sites where you can find that music for the CEO to jump on the podium, or create the right mood for the Award night.

Personally, I like for their ease of use of search, quality of the tagging and metasearach, and sampling the music right on the spot.


Do you have other suggestions? Please let me know.

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