Zwoor Event Mobile App Intro – Creating a Mobile App for your Event does not need to be complicated

Creating a Mobile App for your Event or Corporate Meeting Does not need to be complicated

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Basic Features that any Event Mobile App should have

 Event description
 Event Schedule
 Speaker Bios, Multiple Speakers for a Topic
 Personalized Calendar for participants
 Rooms, maps, integration with Mobile Maps
 Add Tracks for your Event Calendar

Social Media and Connections, right from the Event Mobile App

 Dynamic Who is attending the event?
 Session Ratings and Comments
 Create Event Hashtag, included in all social media posts
 Twitter and LinkedIn integration
 Event Alerts
 Exhibitors “One Touch Connect”

Ease of maintaining content, because is content that makes a great Mobile Event App

 “Do it yourself” content creation
 Invite speakers to update content
 Multiple content editors

Distribution – easy distribution of the content, on all form factors, from iPhone to PC

 Native apps for iPhone and iPad
 Native apps for Android Phones and Tablets
 Native apps for Kindle Fire
 Meeting Content access via PC, MAC or BBerry browser
 Encrypted data communication

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