Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Introduction: Too many tools, too much advice. Why so many people try to make this too complicated.

Your Conference or Tradeshow is coming up in 6 weeks, and there is plenty to do. Your checklists are in full swing, insanity sets in, and the days until the curtain sets on the event are just a blur. Each evening you crush in the bed, and your Facebook (the personal one) update is constant: “wish this is over”.

To add to the insanity, the constant question you get is “How is our social media strategy going?”. Everyone is now a specialist in social media, in Facebook, in twitter, in YouTube, and there are droves of emails and phone calls from social media platform providers, consultants and integrators coming in.

The Social media tools matured greatly in the last two years. Some stats above are staggering; 18% of all the time spent online today in US is in Facebook, with Google and Yahoo properties around 10%, and Microsoft and AOL taking another 4% to 6%. We have seen a very strong consolidation of properties on the web in the last two years. The times of starting a social media company in the dorm is now getting to an end.


In our next episode we will lay out the plan, week by week, of the best investment on social media for your event.

Starting about six weeks before the event we will Engage, then will invest the block of time starting about a month before the event to Excite, while right before the event, and during we will Integrate and Inform. The curtain of the event does not end our work, but we enter a new stage – Aggregate and Connect. I am looking forward to talking with you about all this in the next Zwoor Bootcamp session.

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